It's Tax Time!

Make sure you have everything you need to file your 2023 taxes!


T4s and ROEs are issued by payroll companies or by individual productions depending on how they run their payroll. The payroll company used most by productions in the Maritime Provinces is EP Canada. For those who worked on productions that did their payroll through EP Canada, you can now access your T4 through your MyEP portal. Your T4s have already been submitted to Service Canada and will be mailed out to individuals before the end of February. 

*The IATSE Local 849 office will not have your T4s from your work on productions.
*If you worked through your corporation (i.e. ‘Loan-Out Company’) you will not receive any reporting for total corporate earnings from EP.

Claiming Dues Paid

Both Working Dues and Quarterly Dues are tax deductible: 

  • A receipt for Quarterly Dues paid in 2023 has already been emailed to members of Local 849 - hard copies can be requested by contacting the Local 849 office. 
  • Working Dues are deducted from your pay and reported on T4s issued by EP Canada or other payroll companies. If you work through a corporation, you will have to calculate the working dues paid yourself, but you should be able to reference the year-to-date amount on your last paystub of the year. 

More information on dues can be found here.

RRSP Contributions

Your group Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) can help you get a powerful tax deduction* and lets you benefit from fees that are typically lower than retail.
The deadline to make RRSP contributions for the 2023 tax year is February 29, 2024.
Want to help boost** your retirement savings? Even if you contribute to your group RRSP through payroll deduction, you can top up your savings through pre-authorized contributions or online banking.

Get started today
1. Sign in to your group savings plan at
2. Click Contributions and choose Add new
3. Follow the prompts

Questions? Canada Life is here to help!
Monday to Friday 9 am to 9 pm AT

*It’s important to be aware of your personal tax situation. Please refer to Canada Revenue Agency’s website at for annual contribution limits and/or further explanation of potential tax consequences.
**Lump-sum and recurring contributions made through pre-authorized contributions or online banking may not be matched by your employer.

Medical and more! 

For full members of IATSE Local 849, if you have paid for your health insurance at all in 2023, the Local 849 office will be issuing a receipt that you can use towards possible deductible medical expense calculations. These have been sent via email - hard copies can be requested by contacting the Local 849 office. 

Everyone who was a full member of Local 849 in 2023 will also be receiving a T4A from Union Benefits that represents the life insurance premiums paid on your behalf.  These premiums are a taxable benefit since you aren't directly paying for them, and therefore, you will receive a T4A to claim on your income tax filing. (Retired members will not receive a T4A for life insurance, as they pay the premium themselves.)

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