Approved Training Courses

Mental Health First Aid

Local 849 highly recommended that members take this training, as it will provide valuable insight and information to support a person who may be experiencing a decline in their mental well-being or a mental health crisis.  

The courses listed below are MHFA providers that Local 849 has approved and will accept certificates for: 


Online Options Only
Approx. Cost: $200 CAD
Approx. Time to Complete: 8 Hours

Mental Health Commission of Canada

Online or In-Person Options
Approx. Cost: $175 CAD
Approx. Time to Complete: 9 Hours

St. John Ambulance

In-Person Options Only
Approx. Cost: $160 CAD
Approx. Time to Complete: 16 Hours (over two days)

Additional providers of Mental Health First Aid may be accepted. Please include your certificate when you apply or contact the office to confirm. 

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